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"Web based image editing tools are all the rage right now... but the best and most powerful is probably FotoFlexer." Full review

Molly Wood
Executive Editor, CNET


"FotoFlexer continues to be my favorite online photo editing tool out of a batch of...many." Full review

Michael Arrington


"FotoFlexer allows you to create fun images from your photos, with distortion effects like stretching or shrinking [an] area, and filters like stamps or cartoons." Full review

Mike Potter


"[FotoFlexer is] a user-friendly photo editor that offers one-click tweaks, along with some advanced tools on par with desktop class photo editing software." Full review

"FotoFlexer definitely remains one of the best online editors..." Full review

Josh Lowensohn
CNET Webware


"FotoFlexer looks like the editor that devoured the features of all the rest and then went back for seconds." Full review

Adam Pash


"FotoFlexer is a powerful, simple-to-use, highly-automated and feature-rich online photo editing and enhancement tool. Probably the best web-based Photoshop alternative out there." Full review


"Supreme goodness." Full review

"[FotoFlexer's] technology (they say it’s patent-pending) promises to bridge the gap between the current crop of online photo editing tools, and the more complex desktop tools..." Full review

"Its biggest differentiating factor is the fact that FotoFlexer is introducing these professional tools for free." Full review



"Edit your images online with powerful RIA features in FotoFlexer, built with Adobe Flex." Full review

Adobe Developer Connection



FotoFlexer is the official integrated photo editor for Photobucket. Photobucket users can now utilize all of FotoFlexer's functionality right inside their Photobucket albums. View Integration


FotoFlexer is the official integrated photo editor for TinyPic. Users can now edit their photos without leaving TinyPic's site. View Integration


FotoFlexer is a Google OpenSocial launch partner, and has already built several applications that use the OpenSocial APIs. Full article


FotoFlexer is the official integrated photo editor for Piczo. Users can now edit their photos without leaving Piczo's site. Full article

Atlantic Records

FotoFlexer collaborated with Pineapple/Atlantic recording group Louis XIV to provide fans with a completely unique experience - the opportunity to customize and personalize the cover art for the band's latest album, Slick Dogs and Ponies." View Application