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Watch FotoFlexer in action. The following videos demonstrate FotoFlexer's powerful features and show you how to achieve the same fun effects in your own photos.

When you're ready, give FotoFlexer a spin.


Animation Demo

Bring your photos to life with animated shapes! It's easy to add and customize animation in your photos.

Smart Scissors

Smart Scissors Demo

Cut a person out of a background with just a few mouse clicks. Smart Scissors does the hard work for you.

Smart Resizing

Smart Resize Demo

Crop someone out of a photo or resize an image without distortions. FotoFlexer's Smart Resize tool utilizes seam carving to yield incredible results.

Recolor Hair

Recolor Hair Demo

Quickly and easily change the color of someone's hair, and learn how to use the Smart Recolor tool.

Alien in Space

Alien Demo

Turn a normal face into an alien, and then replace the background with a space scene.

Learn how to use Smart Cutout, Smart Recolor, distortion tools and image layering.